Who is Mr. Takeda?

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Now, for the fun part- when crafting a new character for a story, writers have to decide how they’re going to look, even if you never technically see them. Especially in romance and erotica, giving the reader a clear and detailed visual of the characters is paramount. One technique I use to help me design each character is using visual references.

After thinking about the type of story I’m writing and what kind of role the person is going to play in the story line, I decide what kind of image the character needs to have. In the case of Mr. Takeda, our main character’s love interest in Touch Me, Mr. Takeda, he needs to be sexy but also to have a professional air befitting a Japanese high school teacher. In other words, he can’t have tattoos or wild hair, but he can be handsome in a more conventional way.

Next, I use image searches and apps like Pinterest to gather images of people who fit the basic mold for the character. Once I’ve gathered some images of people (usually actors, models and musicians) who I could see playing the role of my character, I study some of the details of their faces and start to make decisions about the character’s features. For example, will they have a long, angular nose, or will their nose be more rounded, with a less defined bridge? Usually, I end up picking and choosing features that I think the readers will appreciate, and the result is a sort of amalgamation of the people I studied.

Here is an excerpt from Touch Me, Mr. Takeda where our hot senpai is makes his debut:

Somewhere in the middle of this group of strangers stood a handsome, 30-ish man, almost an entire head taller than everyone else. He wore his jet-black hair neatly parted on the left side, and his dark eyes seemed to radiate kindness with the small creases that formed at their outer corners as he smiled. Even though he was incredibly attractive with his light tan, angular jaw and squared shoulders, he didn’t have an intimidating or cocky air.

In other words, the guy is 100% drool-worthy. So, of these following guys, who do you think could be the inspiration for Mr. Takeda?
A) Singer/actor Ryo Nishikido                                                    B) Singer Junichi Okada

 ryonishikido                 junichiokada


C) Actor/Model Mokomichi Hayami


Personally, I’d rather leave it to the readers to decide who their Mr. Takeda is.

With which of these 3 hotties would you like to start a secret work-place romance? Got any other favorite Asian heartthrobs in mind? Let me know in the comments! And as always, happy reading!

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Hi, I'm an author of romance and erotica, a traveler and lover of coffee. I mesh my experiences living abroad with sexual fantasies to create stories that are sure to entertain and captivate. I hope you'll enjoy my dirty stories and share them with your friends!

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