Preview: In the House of Ogawa

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been busy working on my next short, called In the House of Ogawa. This story is a bit unlike the other two that I’ve published so far. It’s a little bit darker, and even more explicit.

The story focuses on Whitney, an American model living in Tokyo, who accepts a job offer unlike any other: She will be the personal escort to the infamous and enigmatic artist, Ogawa, at his annual gala. There are rumors that this “gala” is in fact a depraved orgy for the upper echelons of the fashion world, and that Ogawa’s escorts are expected to partake, following his every order. Beautiful Whitney doesn’t know whether or not she should believe these rumors, but even if they’re true, the massive sum of money and connections she will gain make the offer too sweet to decline.

An excerpt:

The assistant left Whitney in a mirrored room, where she waited to meet her prospective employer, and admired herself in the many reflections surrounding her. The door opened and a tall, thin man of about 45, with long hair and small, round glasses entered the room. He said nothing for a moment while he appraised her, but there was something so intense about his presence that Whitney immediately felt self-conscious. She had seen the remarkable art pieces installed throughout his home, and there was no mistaking that he was the genius that had created them. He was attractive, and his black clothes fit him in a way that told her they’d been made specifically for him. Behind his glasses, she could see pensive, dark eyes that reminded her of a calligrapher’s delicate brushstrokes.

“I am Ogawa,” he stated, in a surprisingly deep voice. “Remove your clothes.”

Whitney’s pouty lips trembled, and she became scared. It wasn’t that unusual to show a client how you looked in a swimsuit or your underwear, but he seemed to mean…

“All of them,” he clarified, as if reading her thoughts. He remained by the door, arms folded, expressionless.

After a deep breath and a short prayer, Whitney started to strip. She removed her jeans, her top, and then her bra and underwear, setting each item of clothing in a pile next to her feet. Not knowing what else to do, she took up a stance as if she were about to walk a runway. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her fair skin exposed and brightly illuminated. Her small apricot nipples gazed slightly upwards from her taut breasts, and her long legs looked defiant in her model’s stance. She maintained the high fashion dull-eyed, almost sullen expression that she always did before a walk, even though her pulse was ticking so furiously in her neck that she was sure he could see it.

In the House of Ogawa will plunge you deep into a lavish, sinful world, full of sex and secrets. What will happen to Whitney when she surrenders herself to Ogawa’s will?

As a bonus, this story will also include a few short stories. You can expect the debut by mid-August.

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Hi, I'm an author of romance and erotica, a traveler and lover of coffee. I mesh my experiences living abroad with sexual fantasies to create stories that are sure to entertain and captivate. I hope you'll enjoy my dirty stories and share them with your friends!

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